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You’re so lucky. The phrase I hear daily about my life choices. Luck is not how I got here; it has been clear, well thought out choices I have made. It isn’t always easy, but I make the choice every day to live the very best life I can.

Life for me has been anything but ordinary. My younger years can be categorized as traumatic for various reasons, including losing my father (who struggled with bipolar disorder) to heart disease when I was just 12 and being a victim of sexual abuse by a close family member. So, I chose in my adult life to flip the script. I vowed to not let my past experiences hold me down. I got the stable career and started living the “American Dream”, but I always felt something was missing.  After losing my mother to cancer in 2014, I decided that life was too short to do what you were “supposed” to do, so I left my life in Texas behind and started a new Hawaiian life.

Living a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle has never been easy for me. I struggle with depression and anxiety. With this, it has never been a priority to really take care of my own self.  I knew I had to make a change, though, as my genetics seems to be against me. With mental and physical illness plaguing my genetic make-up, I knew I had to take active steps to live a healthy life. Over the last three years, I have learned to love physical activity, and have been explore mental and spiritual outlets for a healthy mind. I have met a crew of insanely adventurous souls and have made them my tribe.  I have learned how to eat fresh, local foods and how to use nature as my gym. I have also learned to work through my mental obstacles instead of pushing them to the back of my mind. This year, my significant other and I decided that this Hawaii life has been great, but we need more. I will take what I have learned on the island and embark on a physical and mental fitness journey across this amazing world, sharing my tips and tricks along the way.

Mini-Retirement World Tour
August 2019-May 2020

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